About the App

The image about the trend of smartphone possession rate of the disabled

Over 70% of the ones with disability own smartphones.

Despite the prejudice that smartphones cannot be used,

smartphones are essential for the visually-impaired.

Sullivan Plus App was developed by wishing that the hope can be visible by being the eyes and hands of the visually-impaired like Helen Keller's teacher, Teacher Sullivan.
Sullivan Plus app will continue to update, dreaming of a day for the visually-impaired can live without discomfort as a normal person.

App Mode

  • AI Mode

  • Text Recognition

  • Fast text scan

  • Face Recognition

  • Image Description

  • Color Recognition

  • Light

  • Magnifier

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Best Reviews

The reviews are directly from actual users who are visually-impaired.
We sincerely hope the reviews can be of great help to many of you

  • Ham**


    It reads the mail very well. Because it reads the mail clearly without any other’s help, I feel like reading it myself. It reads the monitor screen very well. It would be great if I can save the contents too. I sincerely hope for more accurate color recognition and image descriptions. The App would be even better if it can check the bus number coming into the stop after further development. It is my wish that the application evolves continuously and your company’s continuous development.

  • Elizabeth **********


    Excelente app que sirve para leer textos identificar colores entre otras muchas cosas. Gracias a los desarrolladores por esta solución tan genial.
  • Amira ********


    U deserve 100 star not only 5, this's my best app😍😍 I hope it won't be payful like en vision ai because it's really helpful for me especially my studies, thank u very much 🔮❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • ***محمد ابوالمك


    تطبيق رائع وانا انصح في تقييم او خمس نجوم
  • blind *** ****


    Merci beaucoup pour cette belle application vraiment elle est très utile bravo et bonne continuation
  • hichem ********


    Très bon application, elle nous lie tous les photos et tous les fichiers PDF même en arabe je vous remercie c'est vraiment génial. Elle m'a vraiment aidé dans mes études, surtout elle est facile d'utiliser. Vous méritez 10 étoiles